New drawings and installations by Ryan McGennisken. 
‘She’s the Moon; Perception in the absence of stimulus’ 

Gippsland born and raised artist Ryan McGennisken’s debut solo show in Melbourne promises to be his most exciting exhibition to date. Ryan is a wanderer by nature and hasn’t had a fixed abode for over a year and a half. He recently returned from travelling in Europe, where he completed an artist residency in rural Finland, followed by a three month stay in Berlin where alongside his partner and collaborator Hollie M Kelley, held a successful exhibition in December 2012 at the iconic building; ‘The WYE’. Titled the Finnish word, ‘Matka’ which translates to ‘journey’, The show was influenced by the duo’s stay in Finland where Ryan’s own artistic ‘Journey’ was commencing. The time spent abroad propelled Ryan into a completely new direction and style with a deeper and darker subject matter.

In this new stunning body of work, ‘She’s the moon; Perception in the absence of stimulus’, Ryan explores mental illness in women, in particular hallucinations associated with schizophrenia. His drawings describe scenarios of hallucinations that are suspended between ambiguous states of fear and comfort, leaving the viewer to determine the circumstance.

The ideas for this exhibition spawned only naturally as Ryan grew up surrounded by mental illness of family members and living in the neighbourhood of Gippsland’s largest Psychiatric Hospital. Since it’s closure it was instinctual for him to explore the old halls and wards, gaining a real sense of what it would be like to be committed and bringing the images of his Aunt’s stories to life.

April 19 – May 11 2013

Opening reception April 19th


shes the moon; perception in the absence of stimulus

Paradise Hills Gallery



Along a Field of Lost Marbles
House of Bricks Gallery
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