Egg for Sale – A group exhibition at House of Bricks

Hello friends,

I’m in an exhibition with some incredibly talented people :::: Details below.

EGG FOR SALE – Nick (Crib) Millen & past Egg exhibitors

Crib is converting Egg Gallery in to an artwork.
The (now closed) Gallery will be deconstructed and rebuilt at the House of Bricks. The reconstructed installation will be dotted with works from past Egg exhibitors.

The work focuses on the physical elements of a gallery that construct its conceptual arena – white walls, plaster, pine.

When there is no longer a gallery; no longer a concept, these physical elements return to their original state and are available again. Available for reuse.

Now they’ll be used to create art, as well as house it.

But what is left of the concept? the aura? the Egg?

IT’S FOR SALE…and it’s yours…if you want it.

EGG BUSINESS AUCTION – Sat March 23 1pm.

Featured Artists:

Erin Greer, Sandy Ho, Antonia Marshall, Angus Baird, Be Free, Katie Parrish, Becky Richards, William Montgomery, Sharron Russell, Hollie Kelley, Aaron Billings, Kim Denson, Rena Happens, Ryan McGennisken, Audrey Tan, Mikaela Jane and The Seam.

With that all said and done, here’s a detail shot of the work I’ll have in the show titled “Form”

Hope to see you there ()()()()()()()()()()()()


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