Exhibition announcement /////// Also, some news.

Exact dates are yet to be finalised but my second solo exhibition for the year titled “Along a Field of Lost Marbles” will be at House of Bricks in Collingwood.

This exhibition will be focussing on an environmental ‘operation take back’, since we’ve ruined everything. A major installation is taking place in the confines of the gallery, supported by drawings.

This is an exciting project for me, the plans have been in the back of my mind for quite some time and the House of Bricks team is giving me the opportunity, through out their constant on going support, to allow this project come to light. I love those guys!

Please keep your ears pealed back for more information.

+ In other news;
My ‘no permanent address’ stint is coming to a semi close — I will be moving into the Paradise Hills Studio complex next month, the first permanent studio I’ve had in the past couple of years which has come at the best time possible; as my exhibition “She’s the Moon; Perception in the absence of stimulus” [being held at the Paradise Hills Gallery] draws near.

ALSO – A number of original artworks and some Gocco prints are available for purchase through my big cartel [CLICK HERE TO HEAD ON OVER]


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