VAGE in conjunction with Rambler Collective present “MATKA” a 6 day exhibition of installations and works by Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kelley.
*Opening night / Thursday Dec 6th 19:00 – 00:00
*Exhibition runs from 6th – 12th Dec.
*Open daily from 12:00 – 18:00

/Our monthly pop-up exhibition has been EXTENDED. We will occupy the first floor of The WYE for one week to showcase the large sailboat installation built within the lounge area/
SPECIAL GUEST: Rickard XVI (Stockholm, Sweden)
Based on Finnish mythology and ideas surrounding life and death, the two artists have collected recycled materials amongst Berlin’s forgotten spaces to create an interactive large scale sailboat built specifically to the dimensions of the gallery.
Surrounded by illustrated dreamscapes and handmade lanterns, they have created an environment and vessel for viewers to set sail on a journey of the imagination.

The word “Matka” is Finnish for Journey. For over a year, Hollie M Kelley and Ryan McGennisken have been living a nomadic lifestyle in Australia. The artists left their country’s isolated shores for a residency in Finland and have now found themselves in Berlin, exhibiting in Europe for the first time.

McGennisken takes daily life, past experience and personal philosophy to create earthy dreamscapes with dark undertones of death, destruction and melancholia while Kelley explores the beauty in transience, interpreting the human figure in a state of physical flux.



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