A small selection of Berlin

This place is insane. I’m over the top in love with this city, in all it’s glory and sink-hole experience, I am not fighting to get out – I will sink, I have let myself sink into everything that this city is – When we arrived, it took one day to realize it was going to be extremely hard to leave this place.

I have yet to do any actual work, rather I’ve been spending time helping out at the WYE building with VAGE’s debut exhibition (Where I was assigned the role to make a video of the opening, coming soon), hanging at bars and cafe’s, cruising on my recently purchased vintage cruiser about the back streets. It’s a city that’s so immersed in culture (and trying not to mention the devastating but ever so intriguing history of the place), it’s been an absolute pleasure just to enjoy a city for everything it is. It’s a city to enjoy yourself, friendships, food, beverages, live and just to think.

We will have a studio set up soon and work will begin to flow, until then I hope you enjoy the above photos, even though there are few.


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