It’s hard to keep up with constant updates whilst over here in the land of Fin – Working solidly, hanging out with the other residents and driving on the opposite side of the road and car to what I’m used to.

This place is beautiful. When I’m sitting right now, I can see out through the double glazed windows, the lake, which is only a few minutes stroll. Hollie and I pushed our desks together to form a large single desk – sitting opposite eachother, conversations are thick and when I’m feeling unmotivated, I can see that she’s working and that peps me RIGHT UP! I can also keep an eye on her, make sure she’s not doing anything sneaky. haha.

We’re having an official great and meet party tonight with a BBQ, music and I guess the Sauna will probably get a work out – drink will flow and food will be digested. Greatness will be felt.

Last night I found myself playing guitar , loud, fast, slow, bluesy and rocky with the accompany of the magic that Roberto, an italian-living in Helsinki resident, makes with his computer. We made some sort of weird dance track from what I was plucking away on, I guess it’s kind of like a Sittar, but a bit different. I plucked away at the 20 or so strings and Rob recorded it.. then mixed it all up on his computer and added some effects, then I played guitar along to it. It was wild, believe me – 15minute songs. I’ve never really ‘jammed’ with anyone before, let alone with someone playing their computer, but we made something happen. Maybe we’ll record it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Other than that, I think I’m pretty much up to date with what’s happening. I think we might be going to Stockholm in a couple of weeks with the whole of the residents – after that I think Hollie and I are trying to organize, potentially with another of the residents, to go to St.Petersburg, Russia. It’s hard to get into Russia, especially without having organised it at home. I think we’d have to send our passports back to Aus – No thanks – so we’ve looked into how to get in for a day, which is so much better than nothing. Traveling by ferry.

After than, we have no idea. Berlin at some point, but hey – we’ve still got awhile here in Finland, so we’ll leave all of that for when the time comes.

Until then, be good.


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