I’ve been pretty slack of late with updates, once again – every month or so I say this. It’s stupid.

So I’ve been really busy drawing, framing, creating, doing installations and figuring all the bits and pieces out for our upcoming show at House of Bricks.

Speaking of our upcoming show, FEATURING THE AMAZING BE FREE, THE WONDERFUL SUKI AND THE EVER SO TALENTED HOLLIE M KELLEY, alongside myself.. we have a title.
“The Borrowers”.

If you were one of the people who contributed to our successful (thanks to all of you!) campaign through Pozible, we’ve been very busy with everything up coming, so we’re very sorry that your packages haven’t arrived yet, but trust me, they’re close. We had some trouble with the ‘zine, but it’s done, so we’ll be sending packages out as early as tomorrow (Friday 27th).

What else?

I think that might be it for now, stay tuned for our upcoming exhibition flyers and videos! Yes!

Take the care.


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