Isn’t it just lovely.. my oh my, oh my.

You wake up to the smell of coffee, with a fresh thought that nothing in the world can deter you from your resent realisations that today is your day, tomorrow is as well and yesterday – next week is also.
About a year and a half ago I quit everything to become a full time artist, all risks were put aside, I knew that I would be poor and I knew that it wouldn’t matter, I didn’t care for money and I didn’t care for working for someone else either – and now today, I finally realised that I’m actually my own boss – I no longer have anyone telling me what to do, I work my own hours for as long or as little as I like, drawing. What sort of life is this? The dream. I am currently living my dream and I wanted to share that with you – it’s because of you, the readers and people who have given me the encouragement and support over the past few years, that I’m able to live this out.

Today I’m working towards our next exhibition, featuring the lovely Hollie M Kelley, Be Free, Suki and myself at House Of Bricks Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne.


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