Hollie M Kelley’s doing some rad commissions!

Commission an original artwork by Hollie M Kelley.

“I will create an original watercolour piece for you as part of my ‘animals roam’ series, using your face (or a head of your choice) with a floating arm and your favourite animal roaming across. I can also add other specific details and patterning at your request.”

This listing is for and A3 sized piece. Larger and smaller commissions are available also.

Simply email me with your ideas and’or questions and I will get back to you asap.

“Hollie M Kelley’s portraits explore contemporary surrealism through surprise juxtapositions, aiming to challenge notions of reality and serve to remind the viewer that perception is reality, life has light and dark, and time is fleeting. Hollie’s work expresses an ongoing interest using personal memory and perception to create interesting new narratives and hyper real scenarios. Nomadic children, animals, and apocalyptic landscapes combine to serve as a metaphor for escape, from the mundane, the current times we are living in, and from reality.”

Click here to see original post on Hollie’s ETSY.

Have any questions? Contact Hollie – hollie.maree99@gmail.com


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