Drawing for paradise hills – THE RAMBLER COLLECTIVE SHOW!! .. We names it ‘Real Gone’ – This show will feature current Rambler Collective artists; Ryan McGennisken, Hollie M Kelley, Jamie Hall and brand new member, James Ruff.

Excited as all hell for this one!

‘What else is new?’ I hear you cry out. Well, I changed this site around a bit and deleted some of the dumb what nots – and cramped everything into smaller spaces, I don’t know if it works, but it’s more fitting to me, so I hope it’s fitting to you!

I put a page up that will be cramped with photos, you can see it here – it’s still in progress, but I pretty much want to fill it with viewing goodness for you guys; thing’s i’ve found, seen, have done, am doing.. etc, etc. I hope you enjoy this new feature.

I also upgraded the old gallery, which I noticed for whatever reason, you can’t click on to enlarge – I will hopefully fix it at some point. You can see it here. At the moment it’s filled with the works from late 2011 – 12 that are currently on show at Latrobe Contemporary Gallery.

Speaking of which; ‘if it’s between death and magic’ opened on the 11th of this month an it was amazing – Thankyou all for coming out! Thanks to the rambler collective team and friends of for helping me out with all the installation biz, you guys are kings.


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