If we spend each day doing what we love doing, then we’d probably have a really nice life, forever? 

I’ve been spending every single day drawing at the new rambler studio that everything else has taken a back seat – perhaps it’s obsessive, but I don’t care for unhealthy, overdone activities if it’s making me happy. There’s nothing like spending an entire day, through the night until 4am in the studio and looking over what you’ve created and thinking “I have no better way to spend my day, than doing what I’ve just done.” 

I wish that I could live in our studio from time to time, just to live above the street and create 24 hours straight, if my eyes and mind would allow me to do so. Although, taking the 15min drive back to my parents’ caravan where I’ve been staying this past month, is also a really nice release from creating. The caravan in itself is an almost tangent, but still relative, to the way I like to live my life and it’s also a massive and clear cut relation to my artwork – even though it is parked in a backyard in a small country town, rather than in the forest or by the beach. 

I like to think about where I might end up in the coming months – especially with my Solo show (If it’s between death and magic) coming up and also the rambler collective exhibition at Paradise Hills, I feel almost pressured to be in the studio to gather a massive body of work – but it’s also a really nice feeling to be in a place in my life, where I can escape and enjoy the world, or atleast NSW country side and Gippsland and on the odd occasion, Melbourne. 
So where might I end up and what might I end up doing? The sky is literally the limit. I’ve come to realise in the past couple of weeks, that being an actual “rambler” in the true sense, is the way to go with my life, to not be completely stuck down in one particular situation – I’ve been very, very fortunate to end up in a place where I have an amazing studio, in NSW and an amazing studio in Gippsland, where at both ends offer completely different living situations and environments to draw inspiration from. 
That’s not even all of it. At one end (NSW), I get to work solely with my incredibly artistic and motivated girlfriend and artist, Hollie m Kelley and stay in a .. dream-like-state on a small farm with animals and birds and a lake and a castle like house with a giant mudbrick barn.. and on the other end, I’m sharing with the third Rambler, Jamie Hall, who is also amazingly gifted and really inspirational to work with and be around. 

So anyway, I might leave it at that – I just thought I’d pop some words down on this here old, almost un-touched blog, and as we like to say ‘check in’.

I hope you’re all doing very well and I really, really hope that you stay safe and enjoy this Christmas break.


Check, check.   


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