We try to; free will and a couple of free birds

We hammered it down to the valley yesterday, 6 hours drive.
Caught up with old mate James S last night and hit a bar that turned out to be just as average as always.
Slept in the caravan to be awoken by the usual sounds of crows, tapping and squawking away in the roof. Amazingly annoying at 7am.

Today, I think is the first day this season to crack 30degress. Bliss. Summer’s almost here and this means a few bits and pieces.

I think the new adventure to the desert is in the mix, might spend a couple of weeks camping in S.A, maybe head into the N.T.

Drawing’s are coasting, that’s part of a larger drawing that’s around 60x250cm, that is of course the great estimate.


I really want to focus on Australia and Australian bush and the animals we have here. I dont suppose you’d remember or know of the kangaroo drawing I did a bit ago, I think that was the break through. I loved doing that piece and I feel excited haha.

Anyway, just rambled mindlessly for ages.. Will stop.


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