bomb drrp: rambler (B)big news

The big news I’ve been hinting at and saying for a few posts is underway, it’s ready (for the most part) to be announced – And with this news brings change.


a) RAMBLER COLLECTIVE is now live.

Hollie and I have been in the works of putting together a collective, our site is live and ready to be viewed. There’s still going to be many-a-changes and many-announcements in the coming weeks and further uploadings to the site itself, but that is the big news – Our collective, is a collective.

Click here to view the rambler collective website.

b) This website will undergo a bit of change aswell; I wont renew the earthdiedscreaming as a site, it’ll sit as a blog – I’m going to delete everything to do with a ‘personal’ site and use this exclusively as a blog for whatever and all gallery content and happenings will be on the Rambler Site. Since the Gallery section has been undergoing surgery for some time now.. which translates to me being focussed on wanting to do the rambler thing, these changes shouldn’t affect anyone or upset anyone and make me happier with the whole internet presence. Please forgive my laziness.

c) Hollie and I are moving out of Collingwood to a bigger space in one week – outside of the city.. about 4 hours outside of the city actually, to our countryside hideaway in NSW. We’re taking on the residency approach at Clover Cottage, owned by Hollie’s parents in Jindera – a small country town just the other side of the border.
This means a bunch of things – Focussing solely on making art. The first two of many Rambler Collective exhibitions are currently in the works – My solo exhibition with Surface pop and the ability to invite our friends up to make art, camp out, light bon fires, play guitar and live like one of my drawings (ha ha). Our Melbourne presence will still be strong as we love it here, we’re just in need of change. Yes! So on the 27th, we’re attaching the moving trailer and bailing.

d) At the end of the month, we’re heading to Tassie for a few days to see our friend Nick Hills, an amazing artist and his first solo show – We’ll also be heading to MONA and visiting all the hot spots Hobart has on offer – if you feel like hanging out with us, let me know!

e) I think that’s all. Enjoy the better weather.


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