Journey to the devil

So, there’s an auction going on in my street, I felt too weird to take photos of all the richies congregating around the recently renovated two bedroom Victorian family home, so I bailed on that.

Aswell as heading to purchase pens, I have to drop off this movie, which is conveniently on the way. It’s an amazing movie, true story, and you should watch it.

I’m going to miss Smith St when the time comes to move on. The countdown has begun.

fun fact – I feel uncomfotable seeing 3 to 4 year old children still using a dummy/pacifier.


This place is where I currently am – the social studio – it’s a great place and great atmosphere, good coffee and food.

Soy flatwhite, thankyou very much, no sugar.

••fun fact #2 – Melbourne times weekly is a useless magazine.


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