So this is probably at it’s worst, mess wise. This is the studio, by the way. So Hollie and I share this space, so it’s not just my crap, it’s both our.. crap. It’s a little unsorted, a little – ultra – messy as we I was full speed ahead yesterday and the day before, around 8 or 9 hours straight, just drawing and not caring about anything else other than that – so the mess has built up. But that of course is trying to sugar coat.. it usually looks like this, all of that above is pretty much lies.
This of course is my desk as it currently stands. Messy, finished and unfinished works all over it. I like it to be like that, I tend to draw inspiration from drawings I’ve just completed. Usually i’ll do a drawing and if I’m happy with it, I’ll probably pull the bits I’m happy with from it and apply it to the next – I kind of feel like I’m progressing that way, slowly but surely as I’m one of these scum bags that will get into a rut pretty easily and stay with the exact same subject matter and wont go out of that comfort zone. So edging on and on, with mess to inspire, I seem to be going somewhere. So thank god I can’t afford a cleaner otherwise I’d shrivel.
Other features worth meantioning – that lamp – best. IKEA (unfortunately) and cheap, but it’s the best. A couple of animal reference print outs and my info sheet from Drawn Again – Not sure if we were allowed to keep these, but I took mine because that’s just how extreme I really am.



This is the current small work I’m working on – It’s got colour, that’s for sure.
Special mention – Thank you Leah Burgess for the watercolour pad.


Patterns and whatever – Me pretending that I’m drawing, when clearly I’m just taking a photo.


Oh man, I could talk for hours of the story behind this eraser.. it’s worth it, I swear, but not now – If you ever see me in person and want to hear the story, ask me. But believe me, this is the greatest eraser in the world – and if you can get your hands on it (Which I’m lead to believe that it’s almost impossible), get it and get me some too.




Alright, so all of those pens there are pretty much empty, so to not waste a single moment of the afternoon, I’m going to have to walk up to see the devil and purchase some new ones and maybe grab a coffee. I’ll blog from the road, Crew – Don’t fret.

P.S I really want to get a dog, it’s driving me nuts that I don’t have one.


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