So I just wanted to put forth my gratitude to all of you that jumped on the YARD SALE that I had yesterday – You have no idea how much you helped me out, I can purchase some new art supplies and keep the ball rolling, because of your kindness!

I have had a couple of e-mails and .. some friends (That’s you, Jake) ask if I’ll be putting more up for the old ‘quick sale’ – I decided that I WILL BE PUTTING MORE UP, but you’ll have to bare with me for a bit as I have work to get through first, as my hands and brain have been itching like crazy – I just need to draw and not be on my computer. But I WILL let you know when the time comes. Thanks again!

I’m currently in my last group show (that I was booked in for) until further notice, may have a couple of things coming up during the rest of the year, but we’ll see.
I do have a solo show coming up still with SurfcePOP up gallery and a small one day type deal that I have conjured up in my brain that should keep things interesting, so please stay tuned for these details and we’ll see how it pans out!

The group show I just mentioned, is of course DRAWN AGAIN – Which I was lucky enough to be invited along for, to show with my beautiful partner in life and crime, Hollie Maree Kelley – Her work is just amazing and it really does blow my mind that she has any time for a hillbilly like myself.
Not forgetting the rest of the show, though – Rena Littleson is of true awe, I only wish I could draw like her – I can’t actually write anything more about the show – to be completely honest, it’s one of the better group show’s I’ve seen this year (honestly, not just because I’m in it haha) – So please get along and take a look at all the wonderful work that’s gracing the walls of BSG right now.

Thanks for checking out my site, as always – Please do check back soon, as I have a whole bunch of works ready to put up in the gallery section. Until then, crew, take it easy.


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