Paul Tyres.

Dear Paul,

I have nothing but regret for the fact that we lost contact all that time ago. Learning of your death this morning made me feel horrible for one part, but glad for another, that you’ll be finding peace and no longer suffering any pain.
I want you to know that when we were growing up, in my very impressionable younger years, you were the nicest guy of the street – an older brother figure that was ever so caring and always put a smile on my face even in the worst of times.

I always think of the canyon, the multi-roomed hay stack shack we built, digging for hours to build an ‘underground hut’ as well – the tree house in the paddocks behind the reservoir – especially when we would be riding there and Lisa and I would be scared to ride down the hill, but you would charge down it on your mountain bike yelling “DANGER, FUN!”.
The micro machine towns, streets made by blu-tacked thread; using my star wars figurines in some over exaggerated game in the trees that can only be described as insane.. So many good times back then, I want to say thank you, Paul.
I also want to say I’m sorry, for not being there for you in the past year, battling your cancer – You sure as hell gave it a good run, fought your heart out! That makes me proud, proud to say that I ever knew you, such a strong person.

The night we DID catch up, around a year and a half back at Saloon in Traralgon.. was GREAT! It was so good to see you back then, we did say we’d try and catch up in a proper situation, but it never happened and I honestly feel terrible about that. Anyway Paul, I hope we’ll meet again sometime and that you’re truly at peace now.

Rest In Peace old mate.


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