Pretty boring Apocalypse so far..

World wide destruction, earthquakes, dead rising – all supposed to happen today – from a quick google search, turns out everywhere’s pretty quiet on the destruction front, as the world’s clocks turn past the predicted 6pm destructo period.

Maybe Australia’s where it’s all going to happen first.

To be honest, I never believed it at all, it seems like there’s a very, very small percentage that does believe it was going to happen today – but even then I would think that they’re probably just super paranoid people who always think something THAT bad is going to happen?

Maybe it’s a good thing that these things happen from time to time – someone completely believing it’s the end of the world, that is – Maybe it helps people think “Well, I hope I lived my life to the fullest” .. then when it doesn’t happen, maybe these people will think “Ok, i’ve got a chance to live my life to the fullest” … or something. I don’t know.

Completely off topic to the world’s end – I’ve been paper cutting the absolute hell out it – Pictures to come soon – these are works for the upcoming show in Sydney! .. If you life in Sydney, stay tuned!


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