Oh the random thought

Rumble town.

Hello Earthlings from Planet Earth,

So the winters have arrived, I assume. You may be experiencing the same measures as we; if you’re from the depths of Melbourne, to Gippsland to Geelong areas – even Albury – Probably. I guess when it’s winter here, for the most part, it’s winter there. Unless it’s Northern states and areas, capitals. The higher grounds and over seas.
But when it’s Melbourne, we get it and it usually stays. Some people may argue that, but it’s like saying it’s Summer when it’s raining, in Summer. Generally I hate weather talk and I hate talking about it. I never used to hate it so much until my housemate and good friend LB (!!!) insisted that it was the most useless and ridiculous conversation to have, with anyone! .. It’s true, we can’t do anything about it and it’s going to be what it is, whenever it is. “Oh, they’ve been saying it sposed to rain all week, haven’t seen a damn dro” .. “When’s this rain gonna get ‘ere?” .. “How’s all that rain..” .. Jesus. I couldn’t be less motivated to create another thought over the topic, I’m bored to shit even thinking about the conversations.
So what’s been going on of late? (That was a very sincere question that I would love to be answered..) .. It’s a positive question, it’s real, it’s something that I can believe in. But in all seriousness, I would love to know what has ACTUALLY been happening of late – even if I don’t know who you are. If you are reading this, feel free to e-mail me at ryan.earthdiedscreaming@gmail.com and let me know what’s up. This could be fun. Maybe I’ll reply and we can be ‘pen pals’.
Remember pen pals? .. Social networking destroyed pen pals – it destroyed snail mail. It even detroyed E-MAIL. What the hell? .. They need to write another song, that would go into way more depth and perhaps spiral along for a good 10 to 15 mins about all of this. You know the song “video killed the radio star” .. But maybe it’d be “Social networking killed the living and regular communication methods along with technology because my phone hardly rings, it just beeps when someone msg’s me on facebook” .. The lyrics could be amazing actually. We could recruit Devandra Banhart, because he’s amazing and weird and all that. Creative.
He also illustrates, did you know? Dude’s good, too. Sort of on the level that I wish I could one day be. I find it hard to just do drawings like that, what he does. I think maybe he takes a whole lot of drugs and plays music, probably eats some seaweed, straight from the ocean, then draws into the early hours of the morning. Maybe he doesn’t take any drugs, instead just uses the earth to produce what he does. Or maybe he uses his feet to draw, when he’s meditating? .. That’d be pretty cool actually, perhaps an animation idea.
My friend Leigh and I have been talking for a good two years on projects, in particular this time of year. When the sun disappears for a few months and it’s too cold and miserable to drag our arses to the bar to shoot pool and generally be happy – we talk. Usually in a slur and usually about the idea that we should be animating. We do have good ideas and we would be able to do them and put them together and have the motivation to create the entire thing – It’s just we don’t know how to use any animating software.
Speaking of Leigh, he picked up a bike for me the other week (2 weeks ago, maybe), it’s a sky blue road bike. A Hillman. It needs a fair bit of work and new other bits and pieces all over it. I got some new handlebars and tires.. stripped him all down last night right before dinner and started the long winded transformation into a cruisy, cruiser. Can’t wait to be rocketing about town on that bad boy. It’s a funny thing, though, because I don’t have any money.
I’m currently in the midst of drawing like 10 different drawings. That’s probably not an exaggeration either, candy pants. It’s annoying, but I can’t help it. I get like 3/4s finished and get really uninterested and start a new one. I hate it. There’s just a lot going on at the moment and I can’t seem to focus on the small things, let alone a drawing for 6 hours.
But in other art news, my show at Black Cat has ended, which is probably a good thing, it was pretty weird having work up in there. The space is pretty average, as the work are hung behind a bunch of couches and the DJ.. so for fine details, they go amiss, because you can’t get in there, up and close without having your crutch up right close to a awkwardly close couple on their first date dwelling the couches below.
So that ended, I picked up the un-sold works. So they’re available to purchase, but they’re not online anywhere. That kind of thing is hard for me to do. The old “too hard basket” comes into play a lot of the time when it comes to anything Online or having to put-it-online, especially when there’s things like scanners and works that are a bit too big to put in the scanner. Urgh, just thinking about it’s making me want to throw up all of my morning coffees (several).
ALTHOUUUUGGGHHH (don’t you love when someone makes this long winded statement about something, finishes up and before you have a chance to add to the thought, conversation, discussion, they bang in this really drawn out, completely different toned “ALTHOUGGGGHHHHHH”..? I do.) So.. ALTHOUGH, we did just acquire a brand spanking new DSLR which I should be using to document all my works – That way it’d be easier to put things online. I even say in my gallery on this here site “2011 works coming soon” and it’s like.. May. 5 months into 2011 and I haven’t done a damn thing about it.
I’m not lazy, it’s just too hard basket territory. I think all of that would change if I put some money towards getting an A3 scanner/printer. It makes perfect sense really.

Anyway, I’m off to the country tonight, so I thought I would ramble for a bit. It might take you a few days to get through all of that so I guess I’ll see you on the other side – Unless I feel compelled to blog-on when I’m in the country.

Take care friends.


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