Waddaya know..

If you’re a reg checking out this site, or a friend on the old face spaz, you’ll have noticed that I’m constantly at war with modern technology.
It’s actually ridiculous at how much time and energy is spent on the frustrations of modern technology. From time to time I think “yeah, going back to the simple times..” get motivated to sell my computer, smash my iPhone, and just use only traditional methods to communicate and draw with.
But, illustrator and photoshop just keep popping up in projects and well, it’s hard to argue with.

This time, because of my complete lack of patience, instead of purchasing a Mac-pro, like I was going to (a year and a half ago) I opted for the cheaper PC, that way I could afford other things, like rent and bills.. But now, today, is approximately the 6th major headache of viruses I’ve experienced. Along with all the other crap I’ve dealt with with these PC’s .. Jesus.
What makes it even worse, is that my girlfriend sits beside me on her Mac, no worries, cruising, smoothness, flow .. Whilst my head is about to explode.


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