Photo of the Day

Ah, lovely.

I started a blog for my friends shop, (The Anchor) where I and a couple of other contributing authors would post on random topics, funny web videos and photos, generally keeping in theme with BMX riding or Skateboarding. I conjured up a plan at the start of that blog to show a ‘Photo of the Day’. I would scalp the web of the funniest / most incredible (meaning also, messed up), unbelievable photos I could find.
I decided today, that to keep this blog rolling, to keep the content there for you guys to read and/or look at, that I’m going to bring back the ole’ ‘Photo of the Day’ – But in a different light.

I decided, that I’ll post a photo, daily (if I can), of something I’ve taken.
I document pretty much everything I can – Generally the photos will be from my phone, please don’t judge them on a professional photographers level, because I am far from that ha ha.

So anyway, First edition. – This photo is from the old Petrol Station around the corner from my house. I love this petrol station as it feels as though these types of set ups, are very fast becoming extinct. The independently owned petrol station / mechanic (which you can’t see in this photo, but it’s there) are few and far between. It reminds me of when I was a kid, driving around the country with my family, pulling up for petrol and the owner / worker, would come out and pump it for you, take your cash, return with your change. I feel it was on a very personal level – a true showing of what customer service is all about.

Now, when you hit a petrol station, it’s so very impersonal. Pump the petrol yourself, you walk into the building, run the gauntlet of candy, chips and soft drinks that have been cleverly positioned to make you buy them on your way to paying for your fuel – hand the money over to a (generalizing heavily here) not-so-friendly console operator and the transactions complete.

I actually hate that world and I really wish we’d take a few decades of a step back, to where the corner store, fruit and veg stores, butchers, service centres etc. etc. had a higher presence than the larger departments and companies. I think it’d all be a much happier place then and we’d cop a smile and a small chat from time to time, rather than being rushed through like a herd of cattle.


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