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As the winters approach for 2011

Seems to be getting colder for 2011. Only days away from the end of the Summer period. I’m torn between actually liking the fact that it’s going to be getting cooler soon – or hating it, because it’s going to be getting colder soon.
I feel like because summer’s ending, the world, at least at this end, might get a little bit of a break from all the insanity that been happening this summer.
I’m no ~weather man~ so that could be completely wrong, but it’d be super dooper nice if I was right.

Christchurch, one hell of a kick in the guts, I’d say. I’m feeling ridiculously ill for the people over there at the moment and wish there was some digging or something I could be doing to get the survivors out or atleast serve some coffee to the people who have lost their houses or something, something. I can make a pretty decent pasta bake.. chicken or veggie? I’ll get on it.

Not leaving out all the chaos that’s been overruling the north, either.. or every single other thing that’s going on in the world.. I’ll tell you what though – really puts the hoohahh over ~Shane Warne~ and whatever that stupid las’ name was, into perspective – or atleast (i hope!) it’s made some sort of impact on your life, perhaps made you think twice about what’s really important in life.

Anywho, that became out of hand quite quickly, I just wanted to say “Oh hey, yeah like.. it’s the end of summer and all that aye.. yeah, few more days and then like, well, rain and all the trees will drop their leaves aye.”
I don’t really talk like that.

I have a feeling that the winter embrace will be in full effect this year though. 2011, the year of the Ryan embraces winter. Sweet.


Just one other thing – My “domain” or whatever it’s called, so I can have http://www.earthdiedscreaming.com .. rather than having “.wordpress” in there is due to be repaid.. but I seem to have lost the password to pay it, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen there when you’re trying to reach this site. Um.. bare with me.


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