Oh the random thought

Ah, the new year brought in..

It’s at this stage that everyone seems to start getting their heads in order, for whatever cause it might be. Resolutions.

It’s a good thing to think about I suppose, it just confuses me a little bit as to why people tend to leave all their shit on their shoulders until the 1st of January. I understand that it’s “the new year”, but tomorrow is “a new day”, why wait? Why not get the head start right now?

I’ve been thinking a bit lately, as it’s been the talk-o-town everywhere I go lately.. What would I do to myself, my life, to resolve anything? I can think of a few things, but it’s not like they’re going to be resolved in the few seconds, hours or days after I decided to implement the change .. It’s more of a long time development plan. Each of them. Ten maybe?

I guess I could say things like “I want to cut eating sandwiches”, but that’s not a worthy resolution, is it? That’s a dumb resolution. I think anything to do with eating, weightloss, less consumption of drugs, alcohol, coffee etc, that’s all a day by day thing.. But whatever, this is just me typing the crap out of it.

So, new years eve was a blast. I managed to avoid any kind of run-ins with the meat heads that seem to emerge from the suburbs and surrounding towns to the city.. How? I ran to the country and spent my time next to an insane miniramp / spine set up, that I didnt ride, by a river 100m away, that I didnt swim in, around a house built out of and around a Melbourne tram, outdoor log bbq / porch set up, an old bus turned into a bedroom that’s graffitied on every.single.inch – even the roof, inside and out, in the middle of nowhere. Amazing.

Anyway, to end this.. I hope any you and your resolutions hold true and stay strong in the grasp of one another. Maybe consider some that benefit other people, not only yourselves? Just a thought.

Happy 2011.


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