Oh the random thought


I’ve written before, or in the internal world of the internet and it’s slang, ‘blogged’, about my lack of motivation and /or lack there of inspiration, probably coupled with the enormous growth of distraction continuously tapping me on my shoulder. Tonight, I am in the biggest pickle I have ever seen, imgained, dreamt, whatever you will – Stuck in the shit pit of something else.

You see, tonight, I am not only in a rut of lack of inspiration, which is definitely devouring an epic meal out of my motivation with a lovely date of distraction, but I can’t get out of it. I too am suffering from the pain, of being bitten hard by these untamed beasts.

Tonight, I planned to be drawing. Tonight I was motivated, that was until right after dinner. I’d put it off too long and into the wind, sailed my evening plans.

I then fell deeper into a place where I can’t and wont be cured, even by movies, which are usually my way out, my vice, my escape into a fictional world. Other blogs, aren’t helping, youtube is showing me no kindness. So here I am, trying to tire myself so I can sleep, re-cap and try again tomorrow.

Urgh. I apologize.

Good evening, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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