Artists and their art., Oh the random thought, photography

Nostalgia version one.

I’m unsure what it is, maybe it is the onset of the Christmas period – Being less than a week away now – knowing I’m going to be hanging with a bunch of my family and old friends from back home. Spending time in the country which I’ve been yearning for, for so long with the inability to fill my need of fresh air, open highways and empty fields due to work commitments – whatever it is, it’s bringing out some serious nostalgic emotions.

This photo above is a large sign to me that reads in bright letters on a black background “REMEMBER THIS??” .. That of course, isn’t me, (it was found here) but it sure possesses a lot of my childhood and teen years. Especially with one friend in particular. He’s an amazing photographer and artist with a rich persona.

We spent most of our time, drinking large hot chocolates, eating toast, riding our BMX’s about town causing as much mayhem as possible, then when the rain struck or it was too dark / cold to be out riding, we’d end up drawing countless amounts of drawings, on the floor – exactly like this.

I miss those days for sure, care free. Didn’t even care for a desk. These days my back aches and hates me and I turn into a massive whinge bag if I don’t have a appropriate desk and lamp situation haha!



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