When I start to draw, I guess I ah – look for anything in the room, my mind or the world to distract me. Usually it happens pretty quickly, especially when I have music going on or some form of literature; movies (including web videos and like sites), art blogs and whatever. I don’t intend on doing it, I just have confidence issues to whether I’m going to produce something I’m happy with.
I suppose in a sense, all I want to do is only produce drawings that I’m happy with.
I wouldn’t call it that lousy term I keep hearing these days “put it in the too hard basket” or anything like that; I suppose drawing for me is some sort of escapism, where if I draw something I like and I can look at it and think “I hope this drawing will make someone smile” and am a little confident that it will – that makes drawing and taking that time to do so, so much more rewarding.
It’s not even a choice though, to draw or not, I always have drawn and I always will – and I forever will enjoy it – I guess for some reason I have a pedestal that I feel like, within myself, I need to reach.
With what I said before about the discractions; this is me not being confident that I’m going to produce something, so I seem to find other things to do, rather than giving myself the chance to produce something shit. It’s something to work on, for sure – to draw and be confident in what I’m drawing.


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