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Owl & the Pussycat | First Birthday Exhibit!

I work with a gentleman named Jason, whom is the managing director of Own and the Pussy Cat. – The gallery is about to turn one years old and it’s a very exciting time – as the night, which is this coming Friday night, isn’t just any ordinary night of one year celebrations.

Read on to find out what goodies are going on down there in Swan Street, Richmond.

“Our little gallery is growing Up!

In the last 12 months the Gallery has grown to incorporate a new bar area, a second exhibition space, and Richmonds only theatre. All these spaces will be open to the public for the first time on October the 15th!

Our first birthday. Ooooh, so cute.

For our birthday celebrations we have an exciting host of different performance and visual based art for audiences to enjoy from burlesque and cabaret, to illustration, oil paint and photography.

There will be musical recitals earlier in the evening, and musical medlies into the night, and art and inspiration in all the bits between.

Exhibition wise we will be launching:

Our House.Our Home.

A show by local artists creating work inspired by the local area.

Performance wise there is just too much to list here, but I shall send you more info as from time to time :) Take my word for it- there is a lot on, and it’s aaaaaaall good.

We are going the whole hog on this one!

Our challenge-

To make this a celebration fit for the year that has already been, and a fitting tribute to what is in on the horizon.

There has already been some great parties at the space… We’re about to leave them all behind!

Don’t miss it :)”

Click here for the website.


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