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ON THE WALL | Metro Gallery

So we checked out the Metro Gallery’s international Street Artist exhibit today, titled ‘On the Wall’ – Which is a clever name. Clever.

It wasn’t how I’d imagined it to be at all, but it was good.

I had mixed feelings about it all to be completely honest; the gallery, although pretty known for having some pretty impressive shows, just didn’t fit. The price tags, did, but I just felt that the artist featured in the show didn’t suit the gallery, nor the part of town. That, though, is of course my opinion and that is all it is and of course, coming from a very proud north side citizen.

Banksy, being the international super star artist, that he is and is predominately know as now, more so than his street art, was OK to see in the flesh. But having seen a few originals about, seeing his work framed and in a space such as Metro, just didn’t work for me.

As far as the other artists go, they were severely dominated by “Swoon”. This chick had it owned. Extremely large artworks, selling for (Not even making it up) $55,000 – her work has always been amazing to say the very least – I think if you were lucky to come across one of her works, you should appreciate that it’s still on the street – a lot. After seeing that price tag and seeing that little red dot; I’m not sure if her works will last much longer around. But you know, I might be jumping to conclusions here, but I imagine people going to the extent of pealing her works off walls (haha – such a ridiculous thought, but hey – who knows!)

I encourage you to get along to it to check it out.


One thought on “ON THE WALL | Metro Gallery

  1. Sian went and saw this last night. She said it was okay but I don’t think she was particularly impressed. I’m not really that keen on going. I think is all a bit ironic plus I can’t stand banksey! Swoon is definitely good though.

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