Oh the random thought


Now this I’m sure, is something we shouldn’t talk about.

End September, the weather’s getting warmer, days are getting longer and today; Football season’s end is upon us.

The AFL Grand Final. September 25 – MELBOURNE MCG – GAME DAY!!


I don’t get down to many sports – or any at all for that matter – and I find it fucking amazing that the world shuts down for these types of events. People will themselves to yell, scream, cry even (I’m presuming) and not even at the game, but to their T.V’s.

Apparently the AFL grand final “must have” a pre-game-day-team-parade, where people line the streets and the players drive/walk by and wave. WOWZERS I CAN NOT BELIEVE I MISSED THAT!! I didn’t venture into the city yesterday.

How many people attended this event? 100,000? .. that’s my guess.

I just read This Article – it’s ridiculous. What about the people who don’t give a shit about the grand final and need to/want to commute around the area. Bus and Tram services were “affected” by this event? … I hate that. Why can’t they do it in a paddock outside of the city somewhere?

Anyway, I’m not really supposed to be rambling on here about this – I really just wanted to express my love for the fact that after today – THAT IS IT! – no more drunk football wankers on public transport, in the bars/pubs etc. YEWWWWWWSJKDFHSJF!!!! Stoked.

Today I’m looking forward to Summer.


3 thoughts on “AFL|Grandfinal

  1. Mark Holsworth says:

    Thank you. You have given me a great reason to enjoy the Grand Final – no more football. Looking forward to summer.

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