Feeling like, well indie.

‘Crystal Castles

I probably wouldn’t usually be into this kind of music,
in fact, I know that I wouldn’t be. For some reason,
I’ve let Crystal Castles into my itunes, though. It’s weird.
I do really enjoy the track ‘tell me what to swallow’, in fact it’s the track that made me get the album and for some reason I’m listening to this, shite? It’s pretty bad actually.

It probably won’t last very long in my collection.

Actually, It’s making me feel sick now. // Delete. //

Kinda get the feeling that they’re trying to portray this image of being “LIKE WELL CRAZY, YO!”

I used to live with a girl that was like that.

I don’t like her anymore.

Have a nice day.

: )


One thought on “Feeling like, well indie.

  1. kokakolaveins says:

    Haha, I love Crystal Castles first album, Air Waar is the best song to put on in a dark crowded room at 4am and rave to, no matter the hipster connotations!

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