Titanic Exhibit | Melbourne.

My family came to Melbourne on a surprise visit today, picked me up and drove me to the Titanic Exhibit.

What did I think?

It’s crazy. So crazy. You know it happened and you know things about it, but when you start looking at the items they’ve pulled from the wreck, it definitely helps you gain a more insightful view on things. I felt more depressed than anything looking at it all. Something like 1526 people died and only 720 (or so) people survived. Such a waste of life and it must have been so scary.

I learned a lot about it actually, so that was good. I also learned that you are “NOT ALLOWED to take photos in the exhibition, THANK YOU.” – which sucked. I did however, sneak a cheeky one of the ceiling in the place, which can be seen below.

You should definitely try to get a long to see it, it’s very worth the money you pay (Which I’m unsure how much that actually is, seeing as though my parents paid for me – I’m a lucky guy.”

Please excuse the quailty, like I mentioned earlier, I got “told off” for taking a photo,
so this one was a quick one to atleast get something.


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