Oh the random thought

So filthy – CLEAN IT UP!

‘A short history
By rm.

Earth died screaming started out as an idea. I had a dream of Earth Died Screaming being a source of entertainment, I suppose, to the general public of current art events, new art by emerging and established artists that I come across during my through-the-night-internet-lurks. It evolved into a more informative matter after awhile; listing art shows around town, whilst still kind of just – doing the regular blogging action.
Recently I decided to divide all the content up as I felt like it was getting to be, a little filthy. Kind of like my bedroom, nothing really has a place – sort of just ends up on the floor. Same goes for my desk.
Anyway, cutting this long winded boringness short – As you can probably see, above, there’s a menu.
Art – A place where I can display my own art creations.
Photos – My happy snaps.
Places of Interest – Some of my favorite places to attend – on the internet and “irl”.
Shows – My CV
Synopsis – Information about yours truly.
Videos – Videos, films, documentaries – this is where you shall find all the goodness now.

That’s it for now – I hope (If you’re in Victoria, Australia), that you’re enjoying the sun – As I’m about to be.


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