Oh the random thought

Everybody loves new things.

So, I’ve added an Art, photography and places of interest pages.
There’s not much going on in them just yet, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s no longer the “.wordpress” in the URL anymore – therefore, this has become my own personal-paid-in-full website.

So before hand, the idea of Earth Died Screaming, was to have somewhere I can post things to do with my art – shameless self promotion, perhaps. It didn’t end up being that, though. It turned into just another art blog, which is fine and I hope you, the audience, have been enjoying the content. But now, I decided it was time.

So, I welcome you to the new and improved – Earth Died Screaming.

Please check back for content. The art and photography pages are still a little bleak, though they will be filling up soon and fast. This page, the “Home page” will still run as an ordinary blog, for what’s happening around town, openings, etc. Whatever interests me or what I think may interest you!

Thanks very much and I truly hope that you enjoy!


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