Oh the random thought

Understand my weakness.

We only do this, because there’s nothing else for us to do.

I get inspired so regularly from a multitude of different things, that sometimes it’s so overwhelming that I get un-motivated and end up doing the complete opposite of what I’d intended to do. To steer clear of metaphors, like I seem to be falling into amongst this paragraph; I’ll just say what I mean.

I want to draw and only draw, but there’s so many things out there that usually takes my attention away – whether it be, this blog, other websites that I frequent, such as Youtube (haha, of course). This common occurrence seems to be, the more time goes on, slipping away. I couldn’t be more happy about it really, because it seems that my increasing lack of interest in other things, is increasing my motivation to draw and draw all day.

In the past year or so, if I wanted to have a big drawing session, my time would be split perusing through art blogs, artist websites, distracted by the hideousness of Facebook and aforementioned youtube, but after a probable half an hour block of actually putting pen to paper, I would feel guilty that I haven’t ‘done anything all day’, get up and leave. Where? Into the darkness of alleyways, coffee shops or bars. This isn’t such a bad thing, to be heading out to these places, as I do gain a lot of inspiration and form a bunch of ideas (the notepad in my iphone has that many ideas in it, it’s ridiculous!)

The bad thing about the past paragraph, is the fact that I’ve been so caught up in the other bits and pieces of the world that I suppose, it started to feel like I was ‘wasting time’ ..

But now – Oh, the now. I seem to have ditched everything else in my life – including my employment (as I haven’t worked for over a week now) and have spent the past three days in the studio going crazy, drawing my arse off and I couldn’t be more happier with the fact.

Perhaps it’s what I needed to do, gather thoughts, drink at the bar – endure the lust for inspiration to boiling point, so I can emerge myself into a sea of inks, paints and pens.

All in all, I think I’m actually motivated enough to put a show on. The idea of not having a show now, is almost depressing, whereas a month ago, it seemed impossible to think about having one, seeing as though I wasn’t even producing anything worthy of showing.

I think I’m out of the rut.


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