“This, in the own terrifying way, is a love story”

Best known for the Pink Panther series of comedies, this film sees director Edwards turn his hand to heart-rending drama – a love affair soured by alcoholic dependency. Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, as the doomed couple, are tragically riveting..”

Last night we headed to Bar Open to watch “bar fly”, the Charles Bukowski / Micky Rawke drunk classic – the movie that if you like to drink, you should probably know about and own.

Instead we got to watch a 60’s scare tactic video on the eventual effects of alcoholism, where if you drink.. you will eventually be losing your mind, screaming and rolling around on the floor, in a cell, in a psychiatric hospital.

As terrifying as it sounds, it was actually pretty good and pretty well done – It sure left a sour taste in your mouth and the only thoughts left after watching such a thing was “What the hell were they thinking, playing this movie in a bar almost famous for it’s drunken antics and smashed bar staff”? .. Also came to question, was why they would make such a movie in the first place. Scare tactics, a way to insert fear into the public? I dare say.

Click here to see the trailer.

If you’ve seen Candy (Directed by Neil Armfield. With Abbie Cornish, Heath Ledger) – then you’ve pretty much seen this movie, but it being the modern day drug, fear insertion.


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