Oh the random thought

Docket-er the thief.

Sitting in the doctors, waiting. There’s one thing I can definitely say about this situation. I hate it. There’s people in here coughing, others reading the crappy ‘mens health’, ‘womans weekly’ and dated news papers that all clinics have. Me, I’ve decided to opt for the – blog. Yes, here I am armed with technology on my side.

The reason I’m here isn’t so, secret, it’s actually a bullshit reason as to why I’m here – I have a strained back. I can’t just go to a physio or anything, no, I have to pay to see a gp first (65 dollars!) then book in to see a physio. Makes no sense to me, one bit.

I’m not the only one sick in my life at the moment, if I’m not already juggling several projects, yesterday my computer contracted a disease, an infection, a virus. Convieniently my antivirus yearly subscription ran out and it’s turns out it’s plus $100.oo to renew. Not psyched about any of this misfortune, let alone the fact I can’t do my day job because my back is infact, wrecked.

If anyone who reads this lives in the inner city area and has a day job to offer, contact me through the comments.

Thankyou, end rant.


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