Oh the random thought

Aw mate, you bein slack aye.

So where have I been? .. Not that you care, at all.. BUT, I have been slack like lately, because typing posts on your Iphone is a TASK AND A HALF MAN! – Plus, Tasmania..where we’ve been hiding for the past couple of weeks, trolling around camping and soaking in the good weather from The Falls Festival to the Bay of Fires – there’s not a lot of reception down there. I guess because it’s so crazy hilly? I don’t know – I’m so bad with technology it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, so yes. Tasmania was really, really great. Spent the time with Hollie Maree, and my friends Greg and Luke.
The Festival was amazing; I’m in no way going to write an extremely detailed review on the festival, even though I know for a fact that you want to read it ‘oh so badly’, but this is what you’re going to get.

1) Yeah Yeah Yeah’s were a let down. I was expecting BETTER KAREN!! That might be argued, but I’m salty at the love song.. COME ON, IT’S NEW YEARS EVE! haha.
2) Seasick Steve was by far the best act of the festival. My goodness gracious.
3) Rodrigo y Gabriella came in second, with their amazing performance. See them if you can!

That’s it.

Moving on – I want to wish you all an extremely belated Merry Christmas. I hope you had great times and were able to get through the insanity it brings. I did – I did it well, to be honest. You would have been proud.

Also, Happy new year! How did you spend yours?


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