Oh the random thought

Homeward bound – Collingwood on the horizen.

I love Collingwood. I love my old house and my house mates. I’m leaving the great nurture of North Fitzroy and returning home to my beloved abode. Too many great memories were built and left behind in this property and I couldn’t be happier to pack up our share of the warehouse we’re currently residing in and have done so for the past few months.. but enough is enough.

The idea is to separate work from our living space.. to return to this house and rent a studio. So excited about this prospect!

So, in an earlier post, ranting on about how much I hate moving and the house-searching-issues, that can be scratched I guess and I really couldn’t be happier that we’ve found a house.. or it could be said that the house, re-found me. haha.


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