Artists and their art.

I hate cupweekend.

I can’t believe that the Victorian Government shuts down an entire state and fully endorses the weekend, that is of the Melbourne Cup. Gambling, drinking and mistreatment of horses all for the sake of what? Cash I guess.. because it’s so important.. I guess.

It’s amazing what the cup weekend does to people, what it does to the city. Have you ever been downtown Melbourne to witness the aftermath of the Cup? – Girls spewing, guys punching each other, couples arguing generously, general loudness, messiness, anger, rage.. Probably families breaking up because dad just spent the life savings on a losing horse. Sounds dreadful, boring and very unworthy.

Hmm, anyway.. this wasn’t supposed to be some pointless rant, but I guess it’s turned into a bit of one – whilst writing this, I happened to check on a few bits and pieces and noticed that Ghostpatrol and I have a similar hate for horse racing. Check his news section for more thoughts and information about the below.



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