The Living Room.

I heard about “The Living Room” but didn’t really know anything about it, at all. I knew it had something to do with Tai Snaith and a bunch of artists and Blindside. I just received the invitation in my e-mail and it’s a pretty raw and wonderful deal going on. Read on!


In mid 2008 Blindside commissioned Melbourne curator Tai Snaith to create an
exhibition of artists specifically for Blindsides gallery space.

Tai invited 12 artists and designers to contemplate not only what a living room
might consist of but what it means and evokes as metaphor or symbol of life

This exhibition sees a group of practitioners with an advanced understanding of
space and the way that humans can use it laterally, combined with a well-tuned
knowledge of desire for the object and it’s placement. The result is a ‘total
work of art’ that comfortably places awkwardness alongside ornament to
communicate a greater spiritual, personal and political meaning of The Living

Belle Bassin
Sally Blenheim
Tim Fleming
Rory Hyde
Kotoe Ishii
Rowan Mcnaught
Dylan Martorell
Scott Mitchell
JT Mallory
Annie Wu
Tai Snaith.

– As if this isn’t going to be great. To see the flier yourself, click here.

Exhibition runs
15th Oct – 31st Oct 2009
Open 12 – 6
Thur – Sat


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