The Middle East with special guests Oliver Mann & Dragging Pianos.

Show was AMAZING, to say the very least.
After a couple of drinks, few rounds of pool, we headed into the band room at the infamous Corner Hotel.

We seated ourselves on the floor a few feet away from the stage, as Dragging Pianos made their way onto the stage to open the show. Great tunes, great relaxing talented performances. I’d never heard of them before but I was overwhelmed with their over all sound, songs, talent and performance. Loved it.

Next up was Oliver Mann; this guy was good. I’m no musician, but from what I could tell, the guitarring was was quite basic, perhaps he hadn’t been playing long? I don’t know.. but what I do know, is that he had an amazing voice that could probably almost be put into the category of Opera? – Again, I hadn’t heard of him before, this one man, guitar, insanely talented man, but I certainly sat in awe.

The Middle East popped up forty five minutes later after Oliver Mann existed stage left, the crowd so overwhelmed with the band in site, cheered and applauded as they picked up their instruments and greeted the crowd with a very shy Hello.
I had never seen the band play before, and I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they hadn’t toured to Melbourne before, but I do know that Triple J Radio has been playing them a lot in prime-time-radio-listening-slots, which is definitely not written in any form of negative context. It’s a good thing!
They played personal favorites such as “Blood” and “The Darkest Side” which feature on their EP.
I think I vouch for everyone who has seen this band before, to say that this band is a must see. You have to see the band to understand just how good they are – The amount of instruments each of the seven members can play and play well, is just so amazing to see in person. I don’t really think I can say much more about this show other than to say, once again, it was amazing.. AMAZING. I walked away from the show smiling, surely that’s a good sign.

The Middle East on Myspace.


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